10 ways to develop memory
Many of you have come across the situation when you forget something that seems impossible to forget. Not everyone can hold in mind his or her weekly plans without a day planner.
And it is just one  little example of memory impairment. And if to think globally, the entire experience accumulated by a person forms self-awareness. Erased memories mean an erased part of the personality.

An average user spends about two hours in social media daily, find at least 30 minutes for useful
exercises. Do not rely on your nature, genes, or age, but take a conscious approach to your health and brain work. This lets you always keep up with the times, vigorously develop your potential, be successful, and meet your old days staying fully conscious.
So, 10 ways to develop your memory:

1.    Take part in the story
This method is called “Entering”, which is one of the most effective ways to develop your memory. When thinking about a certain image/film/picture, enter it in your mind. After you visualize yourself inside the story, feel connected to the action happening there. When you become a direct participant of the event, these memories are kept for a long time.

2.    Develop your visual thinking
To remember things better, use your visual thinking. It considerably expands the boundaries of memory and imagination. Try visualization – visualize pictures suggestive of an object you need to remember. If it is digital information, visualize objects resembling these figures; for example, visualize “1” as a tree, “2” as a snake, “4” as a chair, etc. The brighter and more expressive the image, the stronger the memories are.

3.    Read more
Set a rule for yourself to read some intellectual literature or articles every day. Keep notes of key points. Do not waste your time for yellow press news or junk literature.
Well-written, useful and competent information develops your brain power and improves your memory. Besides, try a complex approach to information perception. Use all sense receptors to revive your “tired” memory. For example, use visual and auditory channels to memorize information. Abraham Lincoln used this method: to remember some information better he read it aloud.

4.    Learn poems by heart
You will see results even if you learn just one poem or extract a week. And to remember these poems better and faster, read them before bed. It works not only on poems. During the day packed with events and experiences your attention concentration becomes worse, so to get concentrated and remember some important information, revise it before bed. It helps to store this information in memory well.

5.    Learn foreign languages
It is enough to learn 10 new words a day and you will see that in a couple of weeks you will learn new words with no much effort. Come up with associations to new foreign words. It will help you remember faster than with standard rote learning. Record every word you have learned and have weekly tests to check your results.

6.     Remember details
Use a picture with a number of various objects. Look at it carefully for a few minutes, close your eyes for a while and then write down everything you remember.

7.     Make a shopping list in your mind
Going shopping make your shopping list right in your mind rather in your notes on the phone or on a piece of paper. Even if you forget to buy something at first, this habit will train your memory and become a routine practice.

8.    Walk more
Fresh air saturates your body with oxygen and consequently it improves your memory. Make maximum use of your walks. Keep in mind all details of your route and look carefully at everything you meet on your way, and afterwards try to reproduce everything you saw in your mind.
9.     Change your habits
Start training your non-dominant hand. For example, if you are a right-hander, use your left hand to brush your teeth or eat. Find at least ten minutes a day to draw or write several sentences with a non-dominant hand. All this helps to develop new neural connections.
10.    Balance your diet
You will not be able to improve your memory without a proper and diverse diet. Such vitamins as A, E, C, and B vitamins, as well as fatty acids, zinc, iodine, magnesium, and are of primary importance. Below is the list of foodstuffs to improve memory:
● red salmon, mackerel, and tuna;
● nuts and seeds, especially walnuts, by their similarity to the brain they literally speak about their
● beef liver;
● milk and milk products;
● eggs;
● leafy green vegetables;
● honey;
● lemon;
● green tea;
● blueberry blackberry, heathberry;
● curcuma;
● rosemary; and
● garlic

Remember that alcohol, salty food, and smoking have an adverse effect on memory, whereas good sleep, maintenance of water balance and purposeful actions for memory improvement will help to get a successful result. Do not let your experience and happy life events fade away from your memory!
10 ways to develop memory