Mysteries of human consciousness and change in reality
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Our character, our habits, our personality are just a set of sustainable networks. And we are able to change them! To do this we need to consciously revise our attitude to some events.

Dr. Joe Dispenza
is one of the first scientists to study synergies between the materiality and human consciousness. The results of the doctor’s work have brought him worldwide fame. Dr. Dispenza suggests that the human brain does not distinguish between the physical world and mental images of it represented in a person’s mind. The brain equally experiences mental and physical suffering.

Self-Treatment as a New Level of Consciousness

Few are aware that the research work of Dr. Dispenza began with a tragic experience. The doctor was involved into a serious accident and had the spinal cord injury. To restore motor abilities the doctors offered him to seal the damaged vertebrae with an implant, which subsequently could lead to lifelong pain. The scientist turned down this suggestion and challenged conventional treatment methods. He stated that he would be able to recover using only the power of thought.
It took him 9 months. Eventually, Joe started to walk again and this was the impetus to study the potential of consciousness and its impact on the reality.

Dr. Dispenza started communicating with patients whose “spontaneous” recovery had shocked their doctors. He managed to find out that none of these people had even the slightest doubt of their full recovery. This firm belief entailed physical changes. Their recovery first happened in “their heads” and only after that recovered in actual life.

Neural Networks are the Transport System in the Brain

The theory of Dr. Joe Dispenza says that every time experiencing any experience, we"activate" a huge number of neurons in our brain, which in turn affect our physical condition. Concentration on a certain experience stimulates formation of synaptic connections between neurons. If experiences (situation, thoughts, and feelings) repeat
several times the neural connections become stronger and more stable. As a result, neural networks are formed. Each network is, in fact, a specific memory on the basis of which our body reacts in the future to similar situations.

We perceive the world through the experience of past events and emotions “written” in the neural networks in the brain. Thus, there are no truly spontaneous reactions. All of them are programmed in stable neural networks activated on exposure to some stimuli. The chemical
reactions happening at that moment cause us to act or feel a certain way – to cry or to laugh, to run or to freeze on the spot, to feel sad or happy, etc.

So, we perceive reality not as it is but interpret it on the basis of the finished images from the past.
The basic rule of neurophysiology is: nerves used together form neural networks or tracts similar to highways. This means that neural networks are formed as a result of repetition and consolidation of some experience. In the absence of the experience for a long time neural networks disintegrate. Thus, this “habit” disappears. A regular activation of a certain
neural network forms a stable reflex (reaction), triggered on the subconscious level. A person reacts according to “the habit” even before assessing consciously what is happening. Clearly, this algorithm may be used to develop memory, attention and thinking.

Consciousness and its Impact on the Reality

Just think about it: our character, our habits, our personality are just a set of sustainable networks. And we are able to change them! To do this we need to consciously revise our attitude to some events. By focusing on our desires and aspirations, we create new images, and, consequently, new neural networks which in due course may influence our reality.
Previously, scientists believed that the brain is static, in other words no new cells or connections between them are formed. But many years of neuroscientific research show that every experience of a person activates millions of neurons that affect the organism as a whole. In his book The Evolution of our Brain, Science to Change our Minds Joe Dispenza
wondered whether in a situation where a person thinks negatively all the time, the abnormal result will be considered as the norm.

To confirm the capacity of our consciousness, Dr. Dispenza conducted a special experiment. Participants were assigned into two groups. The first group pressed the spring mechanism with the same finger for one hour daily, whereas the people from the second group were only to imagine this action. As a result, the fingers of the people from the first group
strengthened by 30%, and those of the people in the second group – by 22%.

It turns out that mental practices of the participants in the second group influenced their physical parameters. And it is purely the result of neural networks. Consequently, we can claim that for the brain there is no difference between the real and the imaginary experience. So, if we focus on negative thoughts, our brain perceives them as reality and causes corresponding changes in the body.

What causes this? Dr. Dispenza’s research addresses the emotional sphere. By forming neural networks we create in our brain certain forms of emotional response to various
events. In turn, this leads to a recurring experience in life, so we do not understand the reasons for such behavior. And the reason is simple – each emotion is triggered by a certain set of chemicals produced in our body as a response to the events happening. In other
words, a person becomes somewhat ”dependent” on these chemical combinations. And to get rid of it we need to recognize this dependence.

Power of the Conscious Approach

At the moment, to receive knowledge is not enough. You need to learn using this knowledge in practice, reject negative thoughts and condemnation of other people. To retrain the brain, make it work in new unusual conditions. For example, if first washed, then
cleaned the teeth, do the opposite. Are you used to holding grudges for a long time? Take and forgive them for not reason. Unusual behavior will cause pleasant sensations in the body and some global changes will start in your brain. Develop your habit of reflecting, speaking to yourself and become the best friend of yourself!

A new way of thinking leads to profound changes in the physical body. A process of “awareness” starts when a person looks at himself/herself from the outside and asks questions like “Why I live the way I do
not want to live?” and “What should I do to change the things for the better?” the most important thing you need to understand here is that there is no need to respond and act as before. This is the beginning of evolution and personality regeneration. New consciousness
needs a new body.

All “spontaneous” healing happens under this scheme: the biochemistry of the body changes, which means that there is no room for a disease. A person changes mental images which activate chemical processes with a very different set of chemical elements, and our internal environment becomes toxic to the disease. In precisely this way Joe Dispenza
explains the process of healing and recovery, and it becomes apparent that fulfillment of any wishes is in hands and in thoughts of any person.
Mysteries of human consciousness and change in reality