How to learn thinking properly?

Have you ever wondered how we think? How often do you observe your own thoughts?

A test to assess wisdom created

Due to cognitive impairments, dementia and various brain pathologies the intelligence level is decreasing with age. However, wisdom is said to be the quality that only develops in the course of time. Yet, in contrast to intelligence, wisdom is a rather subjective concept.

Mysteries of human consciousness and change in reality

Our character, our habits, our personality are just a set of sustainable networks. And we are able to change them! To do this we need to consciously revise our attitude to some events.

A brain chip for memory development created

People have always been curious about mysticism and dreamt to have some uncanny abilities.  While billion of eyes are following adventures of superhumans on the screen scientists have developed a chip providing you with “super memory”. Something that was once thought to be impossible has come into existence.

Scientists creating super soldiers

Super soldiers are the dream of any state. In the race for discoveries and the expansion of military capacities, researchers not only upgrade robotic systems on an annual basis but also find ways to enhance a human.

The brain gets old faster the body

After the recent research a relevant saying might be worded as follows: “Look after your
brain when you’re a young man.”

Optimists live longer

It is common knowledge that optimists can easier cope with various tasks; their general physical and mental state is better; they are more attractive, and they are said to have “positive energy”. Do you think we are born an optimist or can become one?

10 ways to develop attention

In the everyday routine, a vast stream of information and various distracting signals of the outside world, it has become extremely difficult to concentrate on a specific task. Attention helps you select what is important and concentrate on this. It is a key component of your memory and thinking ability.

How сan music develop the brain?

Music is most often associated with listening to it and dancing, but music therapy turns out to be a powerful tool in treatment and personality enhancement.

10 signs of aging brain

In the fast pace of life many people fail to notice that their brain functions are aggravated. As a result, forgetfulness, absent-mindedness, insomnia, and low concentration are becoming common companions in their everyday life.

10 ways to fight depression

Depression is a real epidemic of our age. It is manifested not only in the mental state, it also disturbs thinking abilities, reduces concentration, causes the loss of strength and motor retardation, as well as it can lead to various psychosomatic diseases. 

10 ways to develop thinking ability

To have a lot of different knowledge is a good base, but abilities to use this knowledge efficiently and gain new experience are signs of developed intelligence.

10 ways to develop memory

Many of you have come across the situation when you forget something that seems impossible to forget. Not everyone can hold in mind his or her weekly plans without a day planner.